Thursday, January 12, 2006

Here are some, but, not all photos of my trip. I've actually posted them in reverse order - because I wasn't sure how to do it and now I can't change it. So, the photos way down at the bottom are my first ones (Rishikesh) and these just below are later in the trip. This is actually only the first couple of weeks. I took about 700 photos and am now trying to sort through them. Will post more when I can.

View of the city of Jodhpur, Rajastan from fort. "The blue city, a crazed cubist mass of indigo angles, spreads along the edge of the Great Thar Desert. Jodhpur's fort, Meherangarh, towers over the city, perched on a sheer rocky ridge from where the view over the sea of blue building is mesmerising.  Posted by Picasa

Meherangarth (Majestic Fort) Jodhpur. Latticed windows.  Posted by Picasa

The family car. Also referred to as an "iron donkey". Cars are expensive and so this is the mode of travel for many, many people. I was always amazed at the women in saris sitting side saddle. Posted by Picasa

If you don't have a car or motorcycle, then take the bus and sit either inside or out.  Posted by Picasa

My very own tent at the Pushkar Camel Fair. Hot during the day (35 degrees), cold at night (10 degrees).  Posted by Picasa

Vegetable vendors. Pushkar.  Posted by Picasa

Deocrated camel giving tourist a ride. Pushkar Camel Fair.  Posted by Picasa

Camels at sunset. Pushkar Camel Fair, state of Rajasthan.  Posted by Picasa

Elephants on our way to Amber outside of Jaipur.  Posted by Picasa

Snake charmers, Jaipur.  Posted by Picasa

Yours truly at the Taj Mahal, Agra.  Posted by Picasa

Visiting the Taj Mahal. A place where everyone wears their very best! Posted by Picasa

Local boys with parakeet in cage.  Posted by Picasa

Typical dog - mangy, flea ridden, starving. There are thousand of dogs, everywhere.  Posted by Picasa

Khajuraho. Yoga anyone?  Posted by Picasa

Khajuraho. hmm... now what are they doing here?  Posted by Picasa

Khajuraho has achieved fame for the sensual appeal of the erotic sculptures.  Posted by Picasa

Khajuraho temples, built between AD 950 and 1050. 22 of the original 85 temples survive.  Posted by Picasa

Fruit vendor at train station. Very typical scene.  Posted by Picasa

Ghats at Varanasi early morning Posted by Picasa

Sunrise on Ganges, Varanasi Posted by Picasa