Monday, January 23, 2012

Oprah Winfrey went to India and attended the Jaipur Literary Festival. A blogger that I follow (Diary of a White Indian Housewife) wrote about it. One of the things she wrote really grabbed my attention because it is what I have observed and felt while travelling in India.

"One of the things that’s impressed Oprah so much about India is that people don’t just talk religion in India — they live it. From poor people in chawls, to movie stars such as the Bachchans, everyone has a space devoted to prayer in their homes. There is a dedicated practice of going inwards and reflecting on something bigger than the self. In India, Oprah feels like she’s in the centre of something much bigger and greater than herself, like she’s a part of humanity where humanity itself is expanded. She admitted that she hasn’t felt like this anywhere else."

People ask me why I go back to India all the time. This is one reason. There is a spiritual side that I don't have in my country. I live and operate in a secular society and I like that and I don't want it to change. It's a good place to live. However when I am immersed in a country like India where spirituality is part of life everyday it is a very moving experience. It creeps up and grows on me and I realize finally that there is this dimension that opens up for me.

As DoWIH wrote: "This greatly resonated with me because it matches my emotions. India not only allows but also encourages me to go inwards. I feel a part of something deep and infinite here in India. It penetrates through to my soul." I could not say it any better.