Street Art, Lisbon

I like street art but it is not everyone's cup of tea. It can be damaging to the view or environment. Generally if done well I think it has a place in today's world and makes a statement. It's art for the 21st century but the action of creating it dates back centuries. Lisbon has a lot of street art - most of it seems political. I wandered around and took many photos. Here's some samples.

Which came first, the plant or the mouth?

Lisbon has places designated for street artists' work. 

Very scary... 

One of my faves

Another Lisbon cat.

This guy was on the last day of his vacation. He got permission ( from who I don't know )
to cover this wall ( with what I'm not sure - he was an intense young man and not chatty at all )

Around every corner, in this area of town, another masterpiece. 

I think this is my favourite.
Even the trash cans are targets.

Hope this isn't something rude...probably is.

That's all for Lisbon, onto the Algarve.

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