Sunday, June 04, 2017

Court of Justice, not.

Visited Guildhall. It's one of the only remaining mediaeval buildings in London because they had a huge fire in 1660 and much of London burnt down. However this place is from 1410 or so. Impressive. They held trials here and no one sees to get out alive. If you read the list of important trials everyone was either beheaded or burnt at stake. The only guy found innocent then had his jury thrown in the jail. The plaque is hilarious to read and rather sad in other ways. There were two women tried. Their punishment was rather awful. One even tortured. I read their stories after my visit to Guildhall and neither woman deserved what she got. 

The two strange figures were also rather funny I thought. Part knight, part Hobbit. Names are Gog and Magog. Protectors of the realm. No not really, but protectors of something. I'll have to Google it again.

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